A week like no other

Meet some of our alumni and hear what they had to say about their time at Ashram

“Look for opportunity in obscure places”
Anna Jagric

"I made connections & friendships that are going to last” Richard Eason

“Business can be purposeful and still make money”
Dipna Daryanani

"7 days in India made me a better business leader"
Jo Scott

Ashram in their own words


"Here are some highlights that came out of Ashram, a happy camp in India:

1. I’m going to collaborate with the Happy Startup crew to bring an incredible event to Australia (the details are top secret, but watch this space).

2. I widened my purpose-led business network and now have talented, experienced people who can give me feedback on my work and website (this is already happening).

3. I not only got to attend learning sessions led by these same talented people, but have dinner with them, walk with them, and dance with them (you don’t get that kind of quality time at a conference!).

4. I recorded two excellent interviews for my podcast — People of Purpose — which gives me valuable content to share with my community.

5. I presented a version of my empathy and communication workshop, which helped me finesse the presentation and get feedback on the content.

6. I offered a one-on-one purpose visioning session for Lotta (who does storytelling for startups) in exchange for some portrait shots that I can use on my site and for future PR.

7. I have three new processes for brainstorming and crowd-sourcing advice that I can share with the people in the Australian purpose / impact community.

And did I mention I enjoyed myself the whole time?"

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Jo Scott, Make Do Co.

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